Relationship Between Good And Evil In Beowulf

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Amani Allouh
Dr.Anastasia Remoundou-H
Introduction to Literature 1
January 1, 2014

Good and evil in Beowulf Goodness is always conquers evil. Many people believe in that status, and many others are not. Through this analysis between Good and evil in Beowulf, you will see if this status applies on this poem or not. In almost every story, there is a conflict; this conflict is unfortunately the main component in any attractive story. At the base of the conflict in Beowulf 's poem, there is a source of both, good and evil. Who is Good and who is evil, and why? Is there a relation Between Beowulf and Islamic religion? All of these questions will be answered through the following analysis. First of all if we want to introduce Beowulf, we can say: he is the brave hero who fought the monster and saved the people from his evil. And if we want to introduce Grendle, we can say: he is the monster who was seeking revange, and all he wanted was killing people. These two characters show us the obvious difference between Good and Evil. Good: is about everything is morally and right; a doing seeking the common good. But Evil: is everything immoral and malice; a doing seeking personal ambitions.

At the most times, writers express the idea of good and evil by light and darkness or white and black. Light or white is good, and dark or black is bad. In Beowulf, evil is typically represented by darkness and shadowy figures. This concept is clear in this quotation "Then out of the night came

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