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Definition of Happiness This assignment has asked me to analyse the relationship between happiness and work effectiveness. To begin I feel it necessary to try define happiness. This proves to be an increasingly difficult task. Many of us feel that we do not need a set definition of happiness; we know it when we feel it, and often use the term to describe a variety of positive emotions, including pride, contentment and joy. I feel to understand the effects and causes of happiness we must first need to define it. Many researchers use the term happiness interchangeably with “subjective well-being”, they do this by simply asking people how satisfied they feel with their own lives and how much emotion they’re experiencing both positive and negative.…show more content…
This in turn has a flow-on effect for the community that they work in. When these exercises are implemented in a business usually the outcome is a definite, direct benefit to the productivity level of that business and also to a happier and healthier employee. With major improvements in technology, especially in a modern office environment, a wider range of information has become readily and easily available to employees. Employees now a days have a much wider knowledge of business environments, and because of this their minimum expectations of what a modern workplace should provide to have them motivated and happy are relatively high. Very simple programmes can be enforced to meet these expectation and needs, an example is a rewards system if targets or goals are achieved, These small rewards can have a huge impact on the employee’s happiness, the frequency of these small rewards is crucial for success. Extensive research has displayed links between being happier in your job and being better at your job. Businesses with higher than average employee happiness in turn display better financial performance. Therefore, it is important for companies to form and maintain positive work environments that will contribute to their employee’s

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