Relationship Between Human Rights And Democracy

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1899 Discuss critically the relationship between democracy and human rights in a liberal democratic political systems and the impact human rights has on the functioning of the liberal democracy in the contemporary world. Democracy and human rights are understood as interlinks having very strong and close relationship with each other. Democracy is a political system in which the citizens exercise power directly or elect representatives among themselves to form a governing body. In democracy people are able to realize their rights such as freedom of speech, and it gives freedom to exercise their rights such as freedom to assemble, freedom to protest etc. it is similar to understanding a political frame work where human rights protections are…show more content…
Both of these concepts centered on the similar systematic dilemmas between the two. The main dilemmas are that the democracy grounds itself in majority’s will in contrast human rights and liberalism is based on individualism or the freedom or rights of an individual. The ideology or the Philosophical foundation of the liberalism has made it a mainstream narrative. The fall of feudalism and te arise of capitalism challenged the divine right to rule and challenged the political principal of absolutism (one person/family rule) and this led to the rise of the key ideology of liberalism , it is an ideology developed in Europe. Liberalism focuses on the individualism which is protecting the rights and liberty of an individual and ensuring the happiness of an individual is satisfied and needs are…show more content…
One is the emphasis given on individualism. An individual sovereign entity is considered as the supreme entity. An individual is recognized as born equal and understood as entity composed of reason an has the ability to make rational decisions. She/he has the ability to master his own character and can take decision fo the betterment of life. In this context the society should be constructed in a way that give space to develop and individual. In liberalism an individual and his/her development is recognized as the key elements. Human rights also rely under the same foundational principals where right of an individual is given focus and importance and not of collectives. The second feature that makes link between liberal democracy and human rights is the equality and opportunity. Both liberal democracy and human rights focuses on giving equal opportunity to every individual to flourish in life. The third main feature of liberal democracy is the right and freedom. Rights are considered to be inalienable in liberal democracy. It considers that rights are supposed to allow one person to maximize the interest and safely and grow in personality and protect an individuals

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