Relationship Between Innovation And Innovation

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Abstract: In a rapid change and competitive world of business, innovation is given the top most priority in an organization. No matter what the size of the organization, the relationship between organizational culture and innovation plays a vital role in its growth. The view of this paper gives you a brief idea of what culture of innovation is all about and how it benefits an organization by implementing it. The authors view are based on their own judgement and do not reflect the views of society.
Invention is introducing something new to the world for the first time while innovation is continuous refinement of invention. Innovation is present everywhere in the current world, it has no age limits – a kindergarten kid may also be innovative and come up with new techniques, but every innovation might not get the limelight of success. In order to drive the organization towards innovation, Organizational culture plays an important role.
Organization culture is defined as “a system of assumptions, beliefs, values and behavioural norms which have been developed and adopted by members of one organization through their mutual experience” [1]; which are manifested through symbols and which direct their thoughts and behaviour. The relationship between innovation and organizational culture is traditional method followed by many leading companies which lays the basic foundation. Organisational culture is basically set by the top management in an organization and managers

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