Relationship Between International Law And Criminal Law

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In this article which will give an explanation for the concepts "law" and "intarnational law" will particularly be focused on relation between the criminal law and these concepts.It is explained that the people have responsibilities on the global area in points of processing the effect and implementing the sanctions and also signifiance of international law among the countries. The acts in international crime will be analized and the applicability of the sanctions of these crimes in international aggreements and the process of judgement will be discussed as well as the institution that societies confirm.

II.What Is Law “Law is broader than a statement which is lawful and orderly, it is the sum of rules which includes the basis
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To explain more in other words, “international law is the law which includes the regulations of states, international organizations, the organizations which gained the characteristics of the state and all the interest of international societies. By using this concept, it is possible to say that the states are adopted as substential figures and the organizations are adopted as derived figures. The law of customs and traditions and the international agreements are two main resources of international…show more content…
The disagreement between people can not be agreed because they live together. The only way for a peaceful society is solve people’s problems and conflicts. That is why criminal law is so and criminal law daters people from crime.

V.Relationship Between Criminal and International Law
“National and international criminal law come together when crimes that violate international rules occurs. Countries must consider the crimes that violate the humanity rights, as well.” Formerly international crimes sometimes considered as a domain of special laws and sometimes considered as a domain of general laws. At the present time many lawyers believe that international crimes must be in the field of “international criminal law”.
VI.International Agreements International agreements which are agreed and applied by countries are used directly sources to international law. Here are some agreements which are sources to international law that Turkey agrees:
- United Nations Convention Against

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