Relationship Between Janie And Logan In Chapter 3

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In chapter 3 It talks about the relationship between Janie and Logan. I feel bad for Janie because she was forced to marry a guy she never liked. The wedding was huge and beautiful. Two months later Janie visits Nanny to ask for advice. Janie is scared that she will never love Logan. I totally understand Janie I will also be scared. After Janie leaves she prays to god to care for Janie. A month later Nanny dies. A year passes Janie still feels no love for Logan. I was sad for Nanny death because that is the only person Janie actually has in her life. Now she has nobody. In chapter 4 Janie and Logan get in a huge argument. Logan gets mad at Janie because he does a lot of work while Janie does nothing. He claims she spoiled. On afternoon while

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