Relationship Between Juliet And Lady Capulet

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This essay is going to be about how Capulet and Lady Capulet treats Juliet. In this essay I would be discussing my personal response about why I sympathise for Juliet and my first impression of her parents.
I do sympathise with the way Juliet’s parents treat her. The relationship, I thought,Juliet had with her parents was a tense one. Capulet has a arranged a young fine man, Paris to marry her daughter but Juliet refuses and wants to marry Romeo, the son of Montague, Capulet’s enemy. Romeo and Juliet’s marriages were important as they were the only child of their families. This may be the cause of the tension between juliet and her parents relationship.
Juliet’ mother is not a caring mother. The nurse was the one who raised juliet hence, Juliet’s mother still treats Juliet like a child and did not get to spend more time with Juliet as much as the nurse did. Juliet probably finds the nurse more mother-like than her own mother. Lady capulet wants Juliet to
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Juliet would not be scolded if Capulet did not care. Capulet was scolding Juliet because he was concerned for her, concerned that she still could not get married at that age. Instead of marrying a much worthy man, Paris, Juliet wants to marry for love, which was considered foolish at that time. Capulet’s concerns was probably put altogether which resulted in anger. I think that Capulet had every right to be angry as he would have wanted the best for Juliet. I sympathise greatly for Juliet. Parents should be caring and supportive, whereas Juliet’s parents are not, which makes me sympathise for Juliet. Lady Capulet does not understand Juliet’s feelings and does not care about her opinions as she did not spend much time with her. Juliet’s mother just wants to take advantage of Juliet’ marriage which is selfish. Even though Capulet was concerned he should not have scolded Juliet like that as it could stress her out and hurt her
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