Relationship Between Language And Society

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Sociolinguistics is fundamentally concerned with the relationship between language and society (Hao & Chi, 2013; Wardhaugh & Fuller, 2014). It studies and explains why people speak differently in different social surroundings; it is interested in explaining the function of language and the way it is used in conveying meaning. Scrutinizing the way people use language in different surroundings provides a sum of information about how language functions (Hao & Chi, 2013). Although sociolinguistics might not be a topic of interest to many, the examining of language allows the understanding of social relations within a community, and the way people convey and build up features of their social identities through language. Speech conveys implicit clues about who we really are, our identities, such as, where we come from, or what have we experienced or gone through (Hao & Chi, 2013).…show more content…
Social status, age, ethnicity, gender, or any kind of social network that people generally belong to are all crucial dimensions of one’s identity in a community (Wardhaugh & Fuller, 2014). Yet, some people may perceive sociolinguistics as a form of differentiating certain ethnic groups, depending on social and cultural reasons. Ethnic dialects resemble people of particular ethnic groups who speak the same way, yet the process of creating ethic dialects remains poorly understood into how and why they develop. There are noteworthy amount of studies that examine sociolinguistics in various aspects. Yet, this paper will examine how social status, different contexts, gender and age interplay with one’s social dialect. How these social factors impact one’s language will be further examined throughout the
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