Relationship Between Leadership And Organizational Performance

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Leadership and Organizational Performance
The study proposal is not only about leadership styles and organizational performance but also about the relation of both achieving the success factor. The primary objective of this study is to explore the relationship between both the leadership styles and the organizational performance by studying the moderating role of culture within the organization. A culture has significant role in originating the leadership styles of an organization. At present, organizations are concentrating to manage various cultural groups. Furthermore, the purpose of this research is to study the leadership styles of different educational sector, like general education and vocational and technical education
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Leaders help in evolving the organization 's targets, ethics and vision. Leader measures the standards of elements of culture are able to accomplish effectiveness of organization. Culture develops from its leadership and culture has also great affects on leadership styles. Leader’s behavior and capability have consistent relationship with effectiveness and performance of organization. Culture also plays very vital role in developing and framing the leadership style. Potential heads not only influence juniors, also ensures that they will achieve their highest potential performance. As a significant component of the organizational system their behavior is one of the basic energizer to make organization more effective.
Despite the direct and indirect linking of leadership and culture in an organization theory, very insignificant analytical research has been done to understand the links between these two concepts and the impact that such connection might have on organizational performance.
“Leadership plays vital role for performance of an organization and culture within an organization affects leadership styles and organizational
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Laisez style of leadership and performance
B- To explore the effect of culture between leadership styles and Performance.
Leadership has direct impact on performance of organization and culture has moderate role between styles of leadership and performance of the organization. Culture of organizations distorts leadership – performance relationship. In this part we examine connection between different styles of leadership and performance, culture-performance relationship also culture-leadership styles of relationship.
Previous researches regarding human resource defines the attributes of behaviors of leadership where this focuses larger on the relationship type between leaders and followers in an organization (Bass, Avolio, 1993).
Aforesaid connections occur in two forms called transformational and transactional leadership styles (Mackenzie et al.., 2001)
Both leadership styles was first developed by Burns in 1978 and which was amplified by Bass and Avolio (1991).
Transformational style includes the ability to inspire and motivate subordinates. Research results support the process-based approach to leadership. (Yukl, 1999).
Importance of

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