Relationship Between Leadership, Learning And Creativity

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Relationship between Leadership, Learning and Creativity
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Relationship between Leadership, Learning and Creativity
Leadership is defined as a process or event whereby an individual influences a group of people to understand, agree and accept what ought to be done and how to accomplish shared objectives or goals. (Northouse 2010; p.3). Leadership means that the leaders affect and are affected by their followers either positively or negatively. The stress here is that leadership is a two-way interactive process between leaders and followers. Leadership in an organization is about influencing the subordinates, peers, and bosses in the workplace.
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First and foremost, my personality tends to fall within the scope of an introvert, as a result, my interactions with other individuals is highly limited. As a group member, I find it difficult to share ideas and thoughts with others. Leaders must be able to learn, adapt and come up with strategies and structures that promote the inclusion of all personalities in the generation of ideas and thoughts for the greater development of the organization (Isaksen et al. 2011). Visible withdrawal symptoms tend to manifest themselves for introverted individuals placed in group setting or discussion. Finding myself in a group, I often lacked confidence, and my contribution levels and opinion were petite since I feared judgment from others. On the contrary, extroverted individuals tend to thrive in this region, when encountered in such situations they feel obligated to express themselves and their…show more content…
A good leader is capable of creating a mass of people to follow him/her without coercing them or promise of a reward (Northouse 2010). Good leaders are capable of influencing others to learn through observing, listening, and self-reflection. Having a leader that challenged my opinions by asking me questions that triggered creative discussions and brainstorming made me realize essential behavioural patterns that hindered team progress and development. Leaders that can alter the mindset of their followers to doing good or activities beyond their usual self-are necessary for an organization to achieve their desired goals. The mechanism of asking critical questions made me more comfortable and more creative. The one-on--one interaction with the leader made me capable of coming up with ideas without feeling afraid or being

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