Relationship Between Lennie In John Steinbeck's 'Of Mice And Men'

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Payton Fox We all dream to move up in life, to pursue goals so that our life will be better. The story “Of Mice And Men” by John Steinbeck shares many characters that are all pursuing different goals in life. One of these characters is Lennie Small a strong good willed man who travels from ranch to ranch with his childhood friend George Milton. They want to raise a stake and own a land privately to settle down, but Lennie's basic knowledge of life is below average making him like a child. Even though Lennie lacks the fundamental concept of common sense for his age, he is trustworthy and friendly to everyone he meets, the author John Steinbeck shows this by sharing his relationship with his best friend and traveling companion George. Throughout the story George and Lennie’s relationship increases and the reader begins understand the mindset of…show more content…
Lennie and George are talking with each other over their plan to raise a stake, George says many people fail but not them because they're different. “ Cause I got you and you got me”(16). This idea of shared connection between both of the helps to enhance how trust is an essential part of their relationship. Lennie shows that he is trustworthy to George because he wants to succeed with George. George knows that Lennie may get in trouble, so he trusts that telling him to return in the woods, will keep him alive or safe from danger. “ Hide here till I come for you, say that over and over till you remember” (20). The fact that George trust Lennie shows that Lennie is a trustworthy person. Express only when it’s a complex order, such as to return to the woods and wait until he came. Ultimately we know that Lennie has too much of an innocent mind to try and be untrustworthy, he tends to follow everyone, and tell the truth to everyone, making him a trustworthy
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