Relationship Between Lewis And Clark

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Exploration is the act of searching for the purpose of discovery of information or resources. Exploring was exactly what drove the thrill in Lewis and Clark’s life. Having been given a chance by Thomas Jefferson, the current president at the time, they both joined together and brought each of their skills to help accomplish the journey they 've been requested to take. Having each of their strengths combined they needed a crew to make the trek successful. Lewis wondered through the deep thicket of the uncharted land when Clark fixed his eyes across the rivers and rich earth untouched lands mapping every thing he could imagine. The two strong men together were unstoppable, their attributes combined to make a good strong management for the other men to look up to in times of trouble or solitude. Lewis and Clark started their expedition all because Napoleon sold the Louisiana Territory to United States, which at the time was not charted by the americans. The summer of 1803 was the start to great expedition. August 3, 1804 the first meeting was held with western Indians, the Oto and Missouri. On November 4, 1804 Lewis and Clark hire a French-Canadian fur…show more content…
First, it helped start the settlement of the West, which advanced into the Louisiana Purchase. Second, it caused the discovery through scientific and critical measures in a land that had not been explored. It introduced the building of relationships with natives in that area. Many say it opened a new chapter in American history. Lewis and Clark produced countless discoveries of , people, land, plants, animals, waterways, and trade. Last, created the west to be livable for America, the rapidly growing country. It caused close bonds with the Native Americans. The men showed the Indians that Americans could be trusted. Natives were becoming open to visitors and helping the travelers in need with the exception of something usually in
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