Relationship Between Mass Media And Terrorism

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Mass media and Terrorism: An interdependent relation In the late history, social scientists have provided plenty of examples of mutually beneficial

relationships between the terrorist organization and the media and since the terrorist organization

have noticed the significance of mass media has on the attainment of their objectives they started

using social media to increase support and attract new recruit from other countries and because

of media business trends, media contents production head towards a preference of sensation

seeking contents, for that reason we might say that it is the mass media itself that offer a

worldwide reach to terrorism, it impacts political decisions and affect the way the public

perceives terrorism and dangers that arise from it so it appears that the mass media had a strong

presence in publicizing the acts of terror throughout the world since the 9/11 incidents. Even

scholars agreed on the existence of a relationship between mass media and terrorism which they

called a symbiotic relationship. So before we scrutinize terrorism and mass media let us define

both of them to form a great understanding of their related relationship. According to (Hoffman:

2006) “terrorism is a considered foundation and exploitation of terror through viciousness in the

the search of political change. All terrorist acts involve violence or the threat of violence.

Terrorism is precisely designed to have a broad psychological effect beyond the
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