Relationship Between Master And Slave Morality

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Master v Slave Morality
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University Affiliation How does the master morality to the empirical view of slave morality?
The master morality conception contrasts with the empirical view of the slave. Four elements that are core to the master morality are the value of good, bad,. noble morality and noble people. Master morality takes a subjective view of the world contrary to Empiricism and Rationalism that view the world objectively. Respect among equals, self greatness and a sense of “fullness” are central elements to the philosophy of master morality (Kraut, 2013) . There are varying views on the relationship between master and slave. Even the focus on the good and the bad varies among different views where others focus on the philosophy while others focus on the equality. Equality is seen as an ideal the master should strive to obtain although the approaches also differ. Master morality seeks to exploit ability, wealth, power, arrogance, aggression and harshness rather than limit it to a mechanical view of the world. This essay discusses master morality vis a vis slave morality.
What position does equality hold in relation to master v slave morality? Equality, respect and greatness hold so much in the master-slave morality debate. On the other hand, good, bad and friendship are of less significance. The potentialities of the human mind are equally of great concern in the master-slave morality debate, in fact, the two sets of thinking approach each other
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