Relationship Between Media And Media

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Military–News Media Relations: An Overview The military and the media are two essential pillars that hold up democracy and sovereignty of a nation. However, the relationship between the armed forces of any nation and its mass media has always been an uneasy one due to the dichotomy in requirements and philosophies of the two institutions. Though we see a general cordiality in relations – especially during war or aggression due to patriotic fervor – the overall relationship is something that could be desired for. While the armed forces have always believed in secrecy and isolation from public scrutiny, the media has always believed in revealing facts and exposing falsity of government actions and policies. However, since the days of the First World War, both these institutions have felt the need to peacefully co-exist, and if necessary complement each other. In fact, General Eisenhower wrote in his work 'Crusade in Europe’, "The commander in the field must never forget that it is his duty to cooperate with the heads of his government in the task of maintaining civilian morale that will be equal to every purpose. The main agency to accomplish this task is the press." However, such a relationship in India has been pretty dismal over the years as it is still in its teething years. The relationship has stemmed from the Colonial mindset of keeping the army away from the prying eyes of the media and resultant public glare. Today, the same mindset continues. In India, except
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