How Does Media Affect Police

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Police and media have been in the news lately and mostly for the wrong reasons. The media can highlight police officers in a good light or a bad light, However, most people only get to see the one percent of police officers that shed a bad light over all police officers. One example would be the Michael Slager case where he shot Walter Scott, and was found guilty of violating Walter Scotts civil rights while unlawfully using his gun. Cases like these make the public believe all police officers are and should not be trusted. The media rarely shows the good acts of police officers. The media can be on TV, Phones, and computers. With the fast pace social life we all have now through our phones we can get updates faster than in the past where you would have to watch the news to know what is going on the country. A lot has changed in our country from how police are viewed by…show more content…
“For decades law enforcement’s relationship with the media was often described as antagonistic, resisted dissemination of information that might threaten and investigation, and could create fear, endanger the public” (). It is important that police do notify the public if a serious crime was happening. When you think of child abductions, Murders, and other serious offenders it is important that someone from a police department stands up and discusses these issues to help find the suspect. The police and the media can work together to find abducted children through AMBER ALLRETS, which is a good aspect the police have or even through the news to find people with outstanding warrants through sketches shown on the news. “Today the police see the many benefits of cooperating with media. The media are often useful vehicle for making public appeals for information important to a case, they promote crime prevention efforts, and they can help to sell the value of agency services to local taxpayers who may be votting on a bond issues. Recognizing the ability of the media”
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