Relationship Between Media And Social Media

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In my research from three journals about relationships between public relations and social media. There are said that social media is a new medium for PR practitioner, where it help them to communicate with the stakeholders. Even though social media is new but it helps them to spread the word.

The three journal is Himelboim et al, (2014). In search A Social Networks Approach to Public Relations on Twitter: Social Mediators and Mediated Public Relations. Second research is Ioanna Papasolomou and Yioula Melanthiou,(2012). Social Media: Marketing Public Relations’ New Best Friend and the third is Richard D. Waters, Natalie T. J. Tindall, and Timothy S. Morton, (2010). Media Catching and the Journalist–Public Relations Practitioner Relationship: How Social Media are Changing the Practice of Media Relations.

Social media became important for all because the user can get any information at their fingertips. Early 2000 social media have been spread to all especially for an organization where they can communicate or share the news with their consumer. There is a relationship between social media and public relations that helps the team to work easily and closer to their clients.

Literature Review
(Botan, 1992 ; Broom, Casey, & Ritchey, 1997) stated that relationship and relationship-building are the cornerstones of public relationships. Social network theory approach focuses on the pattern of relationships between social entities. In addition, exploring the
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