Comparative Essay On The Relationship Between Medusa And Grealy

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Many stories about young and beautiful maidens end up in tragedy and this is no different, but the only difference here is how this maiden life events are woven by the threads of fate. In this section of my research, I will try to make a connection that makes an analogical relation between Medusa and Lucy Grealy in order to show my topic Autobiography and Metamorphosis in Greek Mythology.

Medusa 's life obviously was not an easy one, she had to live with herself wearing the mask of a monster, that is unbearable to gaze upon others, because if she give a one stare upon the living, they will turn into lifeless stone statues that are unable to be free and live anymore. As any other monster her fate is to be exiled and not be able to live with anyone, she has to live alone in the Gorgon 's cave unable to let anyone near her again . “ Medusa was a formidable foe, since her hideous appearance was able
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This connection is apparent in various aspects of their lives: the Physical aspect and the Emotional aspect. Medusa disfiguration and how she looked in relation to Lucy, which is somehow close physically, but to some extent Medusa’s was far more extreme than Lucy’s. That informs us that no matter how you think our lives are bad, someone else has it worst than us, which was the horrified cursed Medusa. She a Monster from head to heels. The Emotional aspect, for Medusa and Lucy is apparent in the following quote from “Autobiography of a face” makes the connection :

“I put the mirror away, shut off the lights, went back into the living room, and lay in the sunlight with the cats. They didn 't care how I looked, I made a silent vow to love them valiantly, truly, with an intensity that would prove I was capable, worthy of . . . I wasn 't sure what, but something wonderful, something noble, something spectacular. I repeated the vow to the dogs”. ( 7 : 112

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