Relationship Between Myrtle And Jay Gatsby

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: Nick Carraway is a man who is seeking to learn about the bond business so he heads to New York to learn more. There he meets a man known as Jay Gatsby, a self-made millionaire who likes to throw spectacular parties. There, Gatsby tells Nick that he is deeply mad in love with Daisy, Nick’s sister. Unfortunately Daisy is already married to Tom Buchanan, so Nick helps Gatsby begin an affair with Daisy. During that time, Tom is cheating on Daisy with a woman named Myrtle. When Tom finds out Daisy has been having an affair with Gatsby, the two begin to argue about Daisy truly loves. After heated debate, Gatsby leaves the party and while Daisy is driving manages to strike and kill Myrtle. Then Myrtle’s husband George ends up blaming and killing
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