Relationship Between Mythology And Mythology

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Mythology is a term widely used for the study of myths, the stories, the beliefs, the understanding of the world through certain aspects narrated in oral tales to teach values and ethics to the society. However, one does not find myth in contemporary times rather it is a subject of the past of which no one is a witness. These mythical tales have been passed down through generations never actually knowing the origin of its creation. Myth usually has connotations of falsehood, unreasonable, irrationality which makes the stories and the past related to it a mere lie or fiction. But if myth is fictitious, then how could it serve the purpose of educating the masses about moral values and ethics? During the 20th century, many researchers started…show more content…
Myth is an idea which conditions thoughts and feelings. Whereas mythology is the study of myth, the tool of spreading and applying the mythical stories in the society that influence behaviors and communications. From myth comes beliefs and from mythology comes customs. Likewise, culture also has influence over myths and mythology. As an example, as long as Egyptians believed that the afterworld was ruled by Osiris, they built Pyramids but with time the practice seized as generations changed and with them the ideologies and perception of world and afterworld changed. Myth can be altered and modified accordingly but the eternal truth never changes, it is beyond time and space and thus infinite. To teach the values of the eternal truth, ancient scholars adopted symbolic representations for the society to learn about it. This research paper attempts to highlight the eternal truth symbolized through mythical stories in the Indian context. Also, it works on the aspects of development of the mythical stories in the society and how they influence the Indian culture and its ideologies. Indian culture majorly revolves around the rituals and practices of Hindu religion, and mythology shares a greater part in it. The paper focuses on to discuss the good and bad influences of mythical values on the Indian society and the deliberate attempt to practice it in the name of…show more content…
The Indian physician turned mythologist, author and communicator has largely focused his work in the areas of myth and mythology. Devdutt Pattnaik has written over 600 articles and 30 books on the relevance of sacred stories, symbols and rituals in modern times. He has studied and understood Indian mythology well enough to be able to guide and suggest modern society on the relevance of the mythical stories we blindly believe without acknowledging the real essence of it and how it gains so much of value in the Indian culture. In his books, he in a very simple way demystifies the mythical stories for a layman to understand. One such mythologist who not only researches on the beauty and literature of ancient India but also highlights its significance for the modern culture the country is growing with. Also his work helps us identify how mythology shapes up the religion of the

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