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What was that practical and spiritual connection between Native Americans and nature?
I. What was the practical connection? What is Native American life/ culture like? Native American culture was diverse across the north American continent. There was no exact universal thing uniting them all into one nation. Different places and tribes had different cultures, traditions, and ways of living. For example the women and children of the great plains tribes would play a game called shinny when they had spare time. This game was like floor hockey. (2) In many of the Native American cultures the men would hunt, fish, farm and protect their community.(1) the woman would often work in fields, gather food, cook and look after the children in the majority
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They relied on the environment for farming and resources. (5)If the food in area was gone they would likely move to a different spot(5). The winter in most places in the americas will cause a depletion in resources in one way or another. In places were it got significantly cooler they would have to change their wardrobe, hunting, and eating habits. The great plains Indians used robes of buffalo and rabbits to keep warm(1). Native Americans also relied on the environment for hunting and in their homes fires were always lit to keep warm and dry. To prepare for the atrocity that is the winter time the Native Americans would bring in more food than they…show more content…
Like Native American culture, Native American religion was not universal. There is no such thing as a generic Native American religion. (6)

B. How dose Native American religion tie in with nature?
C. Why is Native American religion like this?
(How did this become a thing?)

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