Relationship Between Nature And Environment

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DISCUSS HOW THE ISSUE OF NATURE VS ENVIROMENT HELPS US IN UNDERSTANDING HUMAN AND ANIMAL BEHAVIOR? The effect of nature and environment on the behavior of man and animal is perhaps the oldest and most debated issues in the world of psychology, psychological scholars from different time frame have had different argument and analysis trying to make conclusions as regards the nature vs. environment prospects. Researches were made at different time by psychologists as they all tried determining if nature or environment were independent or dependent functions of behavior, moreover it was during this era of behavior discovery that the issue of “the origins of behavior” came to the lime light gaining acceptance as one of the relevant psychological issues that needed to be urgently answered. The study of behavior became the next big thing since the advent of the discipline of psychology, as researchers now focused on the origins, influence and the resultant effect of behavior. The issue of nature vs. environment which was now popularly called the nature vs. nurture debate started to gain grounds in becoming a major aspect of psychological interest, the discussion of the nature vs. nurture argument has advanced over the years as researcher began giving their different view on how the behavior came to be. However it is believed that a man named Richard Mulcaster (1612) propagated the gospel of the nature vs. nurture debate using his book as a tool, his book gave detailed
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