Relationship Between Nurses And Nurses

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Introduction: For the success of the organization or health facility, cohesion between the employees and smooth running of day to day duties is essential.
Nurses, who form the largest percentage of employees in the health facility, should maintain mutually beneficial relationships with their publics both internal and external.
The internal publics of a nurse include: doctors, other nurses, nutritionists, physiotherapists, laboratory personnel, casuals etc. whereas the external publics of a nurse include the clients or patients, family members or relatives and the community surrounding the health facility.
Relationships between Nurses and physicians;
Relationship between nurses and physicians are sometimes strained. Physician-nurse conflict, tension and stress have been thought to be contributing to job dissatisfaction and burnout for nurses. Controversy arises about the reasons for physicians-nurse conflict, possible solutions to this problem, and the proper relationship between physicians and nurses. The possible causes include: (1) The power imbalance between physicians and nurses,
(2) Differing goals of medicine and nursing.
(3) Gender conflict between physicians, who have traditionally been men, and nurses, who have been overwhelmingly women. The ideal nurse-physician relationship is one which is beneficial to the nurse, physicians and also the client. Therefore it is important for the nurses to maintain a working relationship with those they work with and for.

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