Operations Management Function

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The relationship between Operations and Other Functions

The roles of operations management function and the decision was made by operations managers interact with other functional areas in business. This will explain the relationship between operations and other function clearly. As most businesses known, there are three main functional areas in organization: finance, marketing and operations as the main supporter in their business, yet other functions also supporting an organization as well. Although these functions scope in different activities, they must interact achieve the goal of the organization and drive the business moving forward too.
Finance function will responsible to controlling of the funds and judging the need for capital
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The operations managers need to understand job market trends, labor cost when hiring or lay-off and the cost for training lead to efficiency on employees' management.
Information technology which co-ordinates with the computer-based information needed and enables information flow through the organization and allow operations management to operate effectively. Generally, operations management is heavily dependent on information technology such as the forecast of demands, schedule of worker, level of quality to achieved and supplier deliveries. Usually, this close relationship between operations management and information technology will work together for design information network.
Accounting will consider the current performance measures, inventory management and labor standard in order to develop the cost data for organization. In turn, operations managers should communicate to accounting about billing information and the process improvement. To make decisions about the cost management is highly depend on accounting data that shown the relationship between two of
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Coordination helps to achieve objectives quickly

Coordination helps to minimize the conflicts, rivalries, wastages, delays and other organizational problems. It ensures smooth working of the organization. Therefore, with the help of coordination an organization can achieve its objectives easily and quickly.

6. Coordination improves relations in the organization

The Top Level Managers coordinates the activities of the Middle Level Managers and develop good relations with them. Similarly, the Middle Level Managers coordinate the activities of the Lower Level Managers and develop good relations with them. Also, the Lower Level Managers coordinate the activities of the workers and develop good relations with them. Thus, coordination, overall improves the relations in the organization.

7. Coordination leads to higher efficiency

Efficiency is the relationship between Returns and Cost. There will be higher efficiency when the returns are more and the cost is less. Since coordination leads to optimum utilization of resources it results in more returns and low cost. Thus, coordination leads to higher efficiency.

8. Coordination improves goodwill of the

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