Relationship Between Organizational Culture And Job Satisfaction

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ORGANISATIONAL CULTURE AND JOB SATISFACTION The purpose of the present paper is to investigate a relationship between level of job satisfaction of the employees and organisational culture. A culture is a good-effective- if reinforces the mission, purposes and strategies of the organization. It can be an asset or a liability. Strong cultural norms make an organization efficient. To be effective a culture must not only be efficient, but appropriate to the needs of the business, company and employees. On the other hand, Job satisfaction can be understood as a response which cannot be seen but inferred to a situation. Job satisfaction shows our attitude towards the job and is associated with the outcomes and expectations. According to Locke (1991),…show more content…
A bureaucratic culture was hierarchical and clear lines of authority and responsibility in it. The work is well planned and organized. This type of culture is generally based out of power and control. Next is the innovative culture, which is practiced in result oriented and challenging work environment. Innovative cultures generally look for competitive advantages and are mostly focused on internal system of organization; it encouraged openness to new thoughts. And finally we talk about supportive culture which is generally in form of people oriented environment and people work in a team and trust each…show more content…
In addition, they implied that job satisfaction increases as employee’s progress to higher job levels (Corbin, 1977). In the 1980’s, the study of Schneider and Reichers (1983) found a correlation between organizational climate and job satisfaction for employees in certain job positions, as well as a relation between satisfaction and turnover. According to them (1983) organizational culture is a combination of value system and assumptions which lead an organization to run its business. McCormick and Ilgen (1987) suggested that the measurement of individual dimensions of job satisfaction enables researchers to identify the environmental factors (climate variables) related to certain dimensions of job

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