Relationship Between Philippines And Chinese In The Philippines

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Relations between the Philippines and Chinese were slow but long and tiresome Filipinos viewed the Spaniards regarding of being against Chinese since it generally open to racial and cultural relation. The conservative Chinese—families wanted to continue and restore their tradition, as being the “pure Chinese”. However, they speaks only Chinese language and seeks to preserve their Chinese heritage in the Philippines. Chinese in the Philippines, in the meantime, struggle both worlds because they were to require learn languages like the Mandarin in their elementary and high school days. Chinese Filipinos have to learn even Filipino and English for their other subjects. A large number of Chinese speaks Hokkien at home, however due to cultural mixture, today, the Chinese also speaks English and Filipino langauges. A few Chinese even go back to China just to learn the “real Mandarin” because Mandarin iin the Philippines were somehow different. Moreover, Chinese Filipinos are “pure Chinese conscious”. The latter have established roots in the Philippine to which their ancestors immigrated generations ago.
According to Horacio de la Costa, S.J., in speaking of Chinese values in Philippine cultural development, it gives a brief summary of the wide variety and numerous contributions of the Chinese. Contributions that includes were metal tools, pottery, masonry, textile, fruit growing and truck gardening, the use of the carabao not as status symbol as the native chieftains did but as

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