Relationship Between Poetry And Tourism

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POETRY AND TOURISM: Poetry is a literary instrument which crisply describes something and which is retained much quickly and easily then any elaborate definition. Its sweet tone, style and rhythm mark its distinction from other literary forms. Poetry has been the source of entertainment, source of uniting people for the common cause and it had always had a much striking effect and quick in gathering responses. Music, folklore drama, poetic seminars had been and are the ways to pass the information to all. Before the modern entertaining gadgets, folklore (folk poetry and folk songs) had been a great tool of entertainment and represented the customs, psyche and aspirations of the people. Folk poetry has always been the reflective of Kashmiri culture and were sung on the event of plantation (Nande beath), to calm the babies (manzle beath), on marriage (vanvun), on death (vaan in pandiths). Dastan, combination of prose and poetry has its origin in Kashmir. In winter people used to go to the home of professional dastan narrator called as ‘dastan ghor’ to amuse themselves with ‘dastan goi’. Thus folk literatures in the form of dastaan, musnavi, lad-i-shah and in other traditional ways have been a great sources of entertainment in Kashmir. In 1999, the new type of tourism came into existence and that was literary tourism. In this type which for now is put under the cultural tourism, tourists moved to the places which had been the subject of poet’s poetry, to the places of poets

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