History And Politics: A Comparative Analysis

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History and Political Science and History and Politics in Contemporary India

“History is past politics and politics is present history” . The connection between history and politics is closed and complementary. Politics and political science seem to mean the same, but they are different and share a totally different relationship with history. Politics is the practice of handling power of decision-making in a community where these decisions have an effect on everyone belonging to the community whereas political science is a discipline which generally deals with systems of government and political activity of a particular community or area . This paper intends to look at the relationship between History as a discipline and Political Science
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The dispute first happened in the year 1992 when a group of hardline Hindu extremists destroyed the Masjid during a rally which later turned into a riot. The issue revolves around the belief about the place, which is considered to be the birthplace of the Hindu deity Rama. They also believe that there was a temple in the location of Masjid which according to them was demolished to build the Masjid during the reign of the Mughal emperor Babur. So, now they want to raise a temple in the location of Masjid for the Hindu deity Rama. The dispute is now in court and the evidence used to backup their beliefs are both historical and archaeological evidences. Ramayana is used as a evidence to prove that Ayodhya is the birthplace of Rama which clearly is not acceptable since Ramayana is a poem and much of it could have been fictional, including characters and places, historians cannot accept the personalities, the events or the locations as historically authentic unless there is other supporting evidence from sources regarded as more reliable by historians. There is no archaeological evidence to show that at this early time the region around present day Ayodhya was inhabited. The earliest possible date for settlements at the site are of about the eighth…show more content…
His name had resurfaced in the limelight for all the wrong reasons in the year 2015 when the government of Karnataka decided to celebrate his birthday. Tipu was the only rule in those days that tackled the British force’s strategy and trained his army in a particular way to fight against the British. RSS and BJP opposed this celebration because Tip Sultan had killed thousands of Hindus and also destroyed temples during his reign. But this very clearly is only one side of the coin, history also very clearly gives evidence of Tipu Sultan giving generous donations to many temples and he had also killed many Muslims in the Hyderabad riots; it is inappropriate to colour his actions with
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