Relationship Between Politics And Politics

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History and Political Science and History and Politics in Contemporary India “History is past politics and politics is present history” . The connection between history and politics is closed and complementary. Politics and political science seem to mean the same, but they are different and share a totally different relationship with history. Politics is the practice of handling power of decision-making in a community where these decisions have an effect on everyone belonging to the community whereas political science is a discipline which generally deals with systems of government and political activity of a particular community or area . This paper intends to look at the relationship between History as a discipline and Political Science and History and Politics. The paper will mainly focus on how History is either being used or abused in different situations either for Political Science or Politics in contemporary India. Politics are vulgar when not liberated by history and history fades into mere literature when it loses sight of its relation to Politics . The study of History will be incomplete if we neglect the political event and vise-versa. For example Indian history will be incomplete if we don’t study about Nationalism, Secularism, Civil disobedience movement etc. or maybe even meaningless. History can provide knowledge of any crisis or background of political parties which clearly proves that history is needed as a partner/guide for all other social sciences.
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