Relationship Between Poverty And Health

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"The biggest enemy of health in the developing world is poverty." -Kofi Annan
This quote basically summarizes the relationship between poverty and health in general. According to World Health Organization, approximately 1.2 billion people in the world live in extreme poverty (income is less than one dollar per day). This means approximately 1.2 billion people is at major risk of having a bad health condition. What is poverty exactly? According to Ungku Aziz (1964) , poverty means not earning enough income to meet the basic needs of a person, or does not received nutrients needed for own health and cannot meet and maintain the physical efficiency . While Booth (in Holman, 1978) states that poverty can be described as a poor person living in
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Ishak Shari (1996) defined poverty as a situation where a household cannot earn enough to cover a number of expenses of the minimum basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter and basic non-food necessities. The World Bank considers poverty as the marginalization from the fullness of life (World Bank, 2008). It is in term of material which is tightly linked with the lack of income and the lack of income usage (low consumption) in which both these factors run along with deficiency of food and poor living condition. The World Bank argues that a more precise definition of poverty and widely accepted is poverty related to human poverty caused by ill-health and low education status (causes and outcomes). Definitions of poverty really matter. They set the standards by which we will decide whether the incomes and living conditions of the poorest in society are up to the code or not and are crucial for determining questions of fairness. From these definitions all actions to help the underprivileged will follow. The alternative approach to interpret poverty is to look at direct evaluation of deprivation rather than using income as a proxy for poverty. Looking at deprivation…show more content…
Globally and historically, poverty has been the major determinant of child and adult health and even in rich nations such as the UK; it remains a major cause of ill health with huge public health consequences. Poverty is both a source and an aftereffect of poor health. Poverty increases the chances of poor health. Poverty creates ill-health by forcing people to live in bad environments that make them sick, without decent shelter, clean water or adequate sanitation. Poor health in turn traps communities in poverty. Poverty and social discrepancy in childhood have profound impact on the health of children, and their impact on health continues to reverberate throughout the life course into late adulthood. So, how exactly poverty influence child

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