Relationship Between Poverty And Poverty

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There is little peace in a world characterized by painful differences between the rich and the poor, between the haves and the have-nots. Poverty is certainly not conducive to peace. Inequality in resources and opportunities is a direct burden on the poor themselves i.e. poor people as well as poor countries. When poverty is persistent, degrading, miserable, life-shortening, life-threatening, and life denying, it is an affront to human dignity. According to the orthodox Marxist thinking, wars are caused by class struggles, including conflicts within societies as well as those between the upper classes of different societies for control over other countries. But one does not need to be a Marxist to know that poverty can cause dissatisfaction,…show more content…
The frustration-aggression theory and the relative deprivation theory suggest that individuals become aggressive when there are obstacles (perceived and real) to their success in life (van de Goor et al., 1996). Dollard et al (1939), in what became known as the frustration-aggression hypothesis, argued that “the occurrence of aggressive behaviour always presupposes the existence of frustration and, contrariwise, that the existence of frustration always leads to some form of aggression”. They defined frustration as preventing the fulfillment of a goal. Associated with the frustration-aggression theory is the relative deprivation theory. This theory stresses that sometimes people perceive themselves to be deprived relative to others. It is the perception that creates the inter-group hostility, rather than the actual relative status of the two groups. This often happens when conditions improve more slowly for one group than for another (Draman, 2003). These theories are normally used to draw a link between poverty and conflict in Africa. The presence of poor governance structures and inequalities in access and distribution of economic resources, have made some groups of the population to have better opportunities than others. This inevitably alters power relations and in turn leads to the persistence of poverty amongst certain groups with very serious consequences for social…show more content…
While one school of thought thinks that poverty causes conflict, the other school of thought argues that only the reverse is true. There is some consensus around the proposition that conflict causes poverty. This is not a particularly new idea that if poverty leads to conflict, it is also true that the destabilizing effects of conflict make it harder for leaders, institutions, and outsiders to promote human development. Civil wars therefore, may also result in poverty and diseases. Liberia and Sierra Leone are typical examples; these two countries have not been able to stand on their feet after their civil wars with the Ebola epidemic now worsening their plight. Therefore the fact cannot be denied that conflict has a negative impact on

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