Globalization And Racial Discrimination

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We live in a globalized and integrated world in which people of all backgrounds, personalities, race and religions are harmonizing or should we say co existing as one society.
Racial discrimination and segregation has been marking itself in our history
The incidents marked in our history tell us more than enough that racial discrimination is not a joke but a problematic crisis in our lives like the examples of Nazi’s extermination of the Jews or the history of slavery and segregation of Jim Crow laws in the United States and Europe.
Many people marched, fought and died to pursue freedom from racism, and living in the end result of those sacrifices, a lot of us believe that racism does not exists, that it is an issue of the past If that was
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Whether it was Columbus and Americans standing over Native Americans, or the white social majority over Maoris in New Zealand, the conquering empires of Portugal and Spain over indigenous people, Chinese over Tibetans, this made-up superiority was the cause of racism. Some of them hide behind the masks labeled racial purity, self-protection but ultimately these stems root from human psychological need for a scapegoat to project fear onto, someone to look down on so we can feel better, greed and…show more content…
As globalization expands, so does inequality. As mentioned before, rising inequality can lead to racial bias for scapegoating. Expanding of globalization calls for higher demand for more skilled workers especially in North America and Europe. This has led to the demand for foreign workers. On the other hand this created indignation by those in the country who are not benefitting economically from globalization.
It is most likely that these high flow of immigrants face numerous challenges and racial bias. Adapting in a new country is difficult already especially when the cultural differences are big. But even when they do try to integrate, they are criticized for contributing to environmental degradation which is itself a prejudice of saying we don’t want to share our lifestyle and resources with you.
Racism has affected the world for so long. Although I have talked racism concerning specially white and black. And most people assume that racism only deals with color of skin but it goes way beyond that. Racism is the belief that one person is better than another person for any reason at all whether it’s the color of skin, nationality, mental ability or sex. No one should be degraded or discriminated against for these

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