Relationship Between Reliability And Validity

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In the teaching profession, exploring a relationship between reliability and validity gives profession educators an understanding of rather their tests/ assessments is reliable/ unreliable or valid/ invalid. In other words, to fully understand the relationship between the two concepts, the profession educators will definitely know the type of testing to measure the understanding of their students. If a teacher does not understand the two concepts and their relationship, that teacher will end up giving students unreliable tests throughout the school year. Therefore, profession educators should know the relationship between reliability and validity in order for them to survive in the teaching field in the future.
What is Reliability and Validity?
Reliability is the degree to which an assessment consistently measures whatever it measures (John, 2015). The students can be tested through whatever that they are measure with, as long as everyone have at least the same score no matter when or where they take the test. If the students scores are different each test, the test is not reliable.
According to John (2015), “Validity is the extent to which how well an assessment fulfills the functions for which it is being used.” To making sure that a test is valid, the teacher should check if it measures
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If an educator does not want to explore the relationship between reliability and validity, he/she will in the future. No teacher should survive the teaching field without knowing the two concepts because it takes place everyday in the
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