Relationship Between Religion And Moral Values

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Part 2: Contents
Part 2.1 Review the relationship between religions and moral values with literature supports Based on the several literatures support, religions and moral values can be simplified in different definition with various approaches. The relationship between religions and moral values can be search out by any grant size (Norman Davies, 1997). According to Zuckerman, 2008, he said that people without religion are impossible to become moral. Therefore, the relationship between religion and moral value is closely related with each other’s. Different issues happened in the diverse world will view differently by people in different religions. (Paul Nicholls) Morality is nothing more than arithmomancy if it is without the backing of religion. (Reza, 1998)

2.1.1 Religions
Religion always comes with a defined set of moral standard. There are numerous definitions of religions given thinkers according to their own conceptions. The latin word of “religion” mean that “binds us together as people or community” (Williams, 2000). According to Hestings (1952), religion is referring to ordinary characteristics type of data such as beliefs, practices and attitudes. Religions are considered as the most widely used system to make ethical decisions and conduct moral reasoning (Pollock, 2007). In business perspective, people with different religion will have different moral values in operating their business. Religions are a set of rules that direct or indirectly provide the
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