Sociology: Relationship Between Religion And Suicide

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Hanwool Sky Lee
Sociology- Mr. Sergio
November 3rd 2014

Social Research

1. Topic: The relationship between religion and suicide
2. Approach: Mental health and psychological effects of religion
3. Objectives
General objectives:
1) Define the terms of teen suicide and religion
2) Prevent teen suicide through comment of specialists in the area of religion and suicide

Specific objectives:
1) Analyze teen suicidal tendencies of students from 9th to 12th grades at The Notre Dame school
2) Compare and contrast the attitudes of students in different religion with respect to suicide.
3) Explain how religion influences to one’s behavior and belief

4. Aim: How does the religion influence to teen suicide?
5. Theory
Brief introduction of teen suicide:
According to the study of CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), suicide is the third leading cause of death of teenagers from 15 to 24 year olds, while accidents and homicide take first and second. Suicide has its special characteristic that differs from other kinds of death. It is that suicide is completed by one’s own will, not by others.
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“Every Scripture is God-breathed…” (2 Timothy 3:16). Then what does the bible say about suicide? The bible considers suicide same as murder for it is basically “killing” yourself. But it doesn’t mean those people who committed suicide would go to hell. Because Jesus, the son of God, came to the earth to pay for those sins. Therefore even though suicide is a serious sin, it can be forgiven if you believe the name of Jesus, as it is already paid by him. The true Protestants would never decide to commit suicide, because they regard their both body and soul to belong to God. Also, they believe they acquired privileges of being son and daughter of God. Hence, they can’t decide their death, only God…show more content…
Actually it is the third leading cause of death. In your opinion, why do you think people may commit suicide?
I expected respondents to reflect their experiences to their responses. The students who have suffered for being bully would definitely choose “bully” as the strong reason for committing suicide. I gave family issue, bully, couple problem, stress, loneliness, pressure and conflict with other people as options and also left space for them to write their opinion.
5) In your opinion, does your religion help you to overcome difficulties of your daily life?
I observed to see how much their religion has influenced to help them overcome their difficulties. I also expected to observe how much they think they were helped by their God.
6) Do you think it is logical that almost all religions prohibit suicide?
I clarified their opinions toward suicide.
I included a question directly asking if they have seriously considered committing suicide, but it was removed as prof. Sergio thought it was not appropriate. Also, I only selected single-answer and short-answer question forms in order to avoid respondents to feel bored.

9. Data collection and

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