Relationship Between Drama And Play

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Communities are most important factor in the existence of a country, therefore type of persons forming a community and their quality and characteristics are important as well. We are not born equipped with all the essential knowledge and skills, so, environments provide new learning opportunities and chances during childhood years which are very important for the future success of a child. This paper will discuss the relationship between role play and drama in the early years. It will start by defining the main concepts of the discussion at hand. Role play is the act of imitating the character and behaviour of someone who is different from the one acting. Role play is an important part of child as it helps to develop the social aspect of a…show more content…
Drama is a study of human relationships that makes the individual active, and affects the cognitive, affective, dynamic, and social aspects of a person. With its layout, drama has qualities, which enable the individual to take pleasure, and develops one’s aesthetic appreciation of drama (Bruner, et al, 1976). Drama is actually an activity that children do excitingly and with a passion. Children, love role play and acting out as this is the only key ways in which they make sense of the world they live it and try to connect to it. All areas of a child’s growth can be stimulated by dramatic play and in this case dramatic play refers to role play and drama. Dramtic play can be said to contribute to the development of cognitive, physical, creative, social, and emotional components of the child.
Further, role-play can take many different forms and serve as many purposes including reasoning and encouraging empathy, it is a powerful way of developing social skills. Role play should be made more formal in a classroom situation, it is fun and nice for children themselves to make room for role play where they set the boundaries and the teacher gently observe and support the
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Role play helps improves children’s imagination creativity and broadens their social development, encourages friendship through cooperation, listening and turn taking. Through drama and role plays children learn morals, gender roles and social roles. Therefore, role play is of crucial importance for the children. Role play can be used as a treatment therapy, this is so because most child therapists use play therapy to help children deal and cope with difficult situations. During role play children learn a lot of skills and attitudes that are helpful to their development, they learn how to be express their emotions feeling and how to co-operate with others, they can learn to express all their thoughts (Hereford, & Schall
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