Relationship Between Science And Ethics

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İsmail Taşkın
David O’Regan
ACWR 101 Sec 02
15 March 2017
Essay 1 Draft 1

The relationship between science and ethics is a concern for many people. In his book “What Science Is and How It Works”, Gregory Derry demonstrated it clearly. Derry discussed the issues between science and ethics and showed the importance of these issues to the society. People should possess the values which he talks about. Derry claims that questions about the relationship between science and ethics have got too much importance because he thinks science effects people in many angles, directly and indirectly. Derry also indicates the two contradictory thoughts about science. Whether it’s evil or good. Derry discusses the common values of science, the impacts which science and ethics make mutually and where to they meet.

Derry begins with talking about the values which scientists have on page 146. Generally, scientists work in groups. They share their information between them. Gregory Derry also says that science is against secrecy and isolation but he gives two exceptions. Military and industry. Derry believes that scientists working at those positions should keep their research secret but not all scientists agree with this. In order to make research, scientists need to trust each other. Derry thinks that it’s more important in science than any other branch. In order to make a progress in science, scientists need to be curious. Derry says that curiosity is identified as a threat by some people on
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