Relationship Between Science And Religion

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Haley Saputo
Mr. Corso
Astronomy Pd 6
15 December 2017 Faith and science unite Faith and science can be revered both as important ideas for daily life. Each have their own well respected literature and authors that people take into consideration every day. Most ideas are different, but some would say that science and faith can be intertwined. Faith is all about trust in the Lord while having that faith that He will provide everything we need. Science is theories and ideas that are tested to be either correct or incorrect about a specific topic. Usually, they are kept apart while not getting in each other 's way, but science and religion can actually answer each others questions that go unanswered about how human life was formed and the challenges we face.
Faith is a way of life while living accordingly towards your gods covenant. People of faith will gather weekly or biweekly to celebrate all the good their god has brought to them. Usually with faith comes commandments. These commandments will help the individual better understand how they should live their life. Along with these commandments, there are usually scriptures and parables. These stories tell the reader how human life came to be. In catholicism, for example, the Bible tells the story of creation by saying that God created man and out of man he created woman. The man and the woman were to spend their lives in the garden of eve and obey him. The scripture said that God also gave man the choice of free will,
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