Relationship Between Self Esteem And Self-Esteem

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When dicussing about body satisfaction, self-esteem is an element must be accounted to. The two has the mutual relationship with each other and would go low or high together. How a person perceived about his or her body reflect his or her thought towards him or her, it also depends on the attitude of others toward one’s appearance or personality. Self-esteem has a powerful impact when it comes to body disatisfaction, when a person dissatisfied with their body, their self-esteem increase. The most common type of body disatisfaction is being overweight comparing to the thinness. For example, overweight is usually stigmatized and considered could be avoided, if one being seen as overweight, they are viewed under negative look, which could lead to low self-esteem.
The ideas for the relation between self-esteem and body image may originated from many causes such as peers, parents, bullies or media, or the combination of all the reasons listed. Women who are comparing themselves to the standards that the media gives out could have low self-esteem and thus, have tendency to feel dissatisfied by their body or their look.
It is not something strange to see that media plays an influential part in the association between self-esteem and body image. As metioned above, thinness usually go with positive characteristic in the media, whereas overweight comes with negativity and being stigmatized. There seemed to be a greater messege hidden behind that positivity. The personality

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