Relationship Between Sibyl And Dorian Gray

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A youthful, special personality lies in the heart of a man that inspires a painter’s best work. This nature is intricate, kind, pure, and a wonderful focus for portraits and paintings alike. In The Picture of Dorian Gray, a close friend tragically robs this youth and leads the man to a life that terminates because of evil. Dorian Gray, the corrupt man of interest in Oscar Wilde’s novel , has a complex personality, giving him many different companions in the story. Fatefully, he meets the artist Basil at a party due to Basil’s interest in Dorian’s striking and mysterious identity. Lord Henry’s charisma and charm draw Dorian to him when first introduced at Basil’s home. Sibyl Vane, an actress that Dorian became infatuated with when performing in the literary classic Romeo and Juliet, is in love with Dorian, who only appreciated her for her acting skills. However, between these three characters that cross paths with Dorian at various points, Basil and Sibyl share qualities in their relationships with Dorian that stand out as similarities. In the novel, Wilde creates specific parallels between the relationships that Dorian shares with Basil and Sibyl in terms of admiration for Dorian and honesty shared in the bonds, both of which make Dorian a better person.
Throughout the story, both Basil and Sibyl have a strong regard for Dorian. The first occurrence of this characteristic takes place when Basil describes Dorian to Lord Henry with approbation and protection for Dorian’s
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