Relationship Between Social Media And Public Relations

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Social Media and Public Relations
Nowadays, the usage of social media in the field of public relations is very important. Researchers have studied the role of social media in public relations practices. Despite number of scholars from various disciplines across the globe (e.g., Alikilic & Atabek, 2012; Avery, Lariscy, Amador, Ickowitz, Primm, Taylor, 2010; Boyd & Ellison, 2007; Camilia et al., 2013; Eyrich et al. 2008; Ezumah, 2013; Jaskson, 2011; Yang & Kang, 2009;Wright & Hinson, 2009) who have conducted various and extensive studies on the use and diffusion of social media as a public relations medium, little research has been conducted to assess the use of social media by public relations professionals during crisis in the Arab World. For example, Avery et al., (2010) examined the adoption and uses of social media among public relations professionals within the field of healthcare. They surveyed 281 public relations professionals in health agencies from 48 states. The findings concluded low adoption rates for social media tools among public relations practitioners. Only 49 of the practitioners actually used social media. The main common barrier practitioners attributed for not adopting social media, was the lack of home access to the Internet. A recent study was carried by Liptak (2012) who explored diffusion of social media among public relations practitioners. Based on the diffusion of the innovations theory, the study examined why public relations practitioners are

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