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Society, as defined by British Sociologist Morris Ginsberg, is a collection of individuals united by certain relations or a mode of behaviour which mark them off from others who do not share the same kind of traits or relations. Business, on the other hand, can be defined as the work related to the production, buying and selling of goods or services in exchange for money. All businesses are concerned with providing their goods or services to the people of a society, so a society and a business both play an important role in helping each other grow. When trying to successfully run a business, we need more than just a good knowledge of maths and economics. Business requires an essential understanding of the society and the people that it’s trying…show more content…
Culture is often cited as one of the biggest reasons for the failure of a business that also operates overseas. Failure to understand a society’s culture can prove to be fatal to the lifespan of a business. Business operates within a society so it cannot hope to smoothly continue performing without understanding the kind of societal balance that exists in a society and its people. As a society continues to grow and evolve so do its ethics and these kinds of changes influence the wants and needs of its people. By keeping up with the changes in a society, its people and their culture those in business can avoid alienating their customers and actually produce goods that would be essential to the people. Change in the demographics is also an important factor of change that businesses need to keep themselves updated with. As generations change, so do their…show more content…
In order to start a business or continue a successful one, it is very important to understand the society, its people and their cultures if one hopes for success in their business. A business trying to distance itself from the socio-cultural aspects of a society will not be very sustainable if at all. The goods and services that businesses provide must meet the demands of the customers. The sustainability of a company depends on the kind of relationship they maintain with their customers and their society. Throughout history, the companies that survive the longest are the ones that maintain a good relation with their customers and respond to their feedback and adjust

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