Relationship Between Sociology And Sociolinguistics

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Sociolinguistic, socio is public and linguistics is the study of language. It is a study of the language related to social conditions studied influenced by the science of sociology. The relationship between Sociology and Linguistics, have a role that is equally supportive. On the one hand Linguistics needed to examine the development of language in society, and on the other hand Sociology needed to examine a wide variety of community life phenomena related to the life of language. Hence was born the branch of Sociolinguistic to examine it. This term happens because of so many problems associated with language that needs to be resolved. Sociolinguistics is really close to the aspects of social identity as well as a part of society in certain culture and communication within community. It explains how to use the language in social aspects or specific terms and expressed through behavior and attitude, which speak in a language. “Sociolinguistics is the study of the characteristics of language varieties, the characteristics of their function, and the characteristics of their speakers as these three constantly interact, change and change one another within a speech community” (J.A. Fishman 1972:4). In this short essay, we will talk about what is the connection between sociolinguistics and three other aspects mentioned before with some examples provided.

Knowing that this world is full of people that speak to each other, we need to understand what are the purposes of having

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