Hong Kong Architecture

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The aim of this essay is to study the relationship between spaces, buildings and cities in deep and how they contribute to each other by learning from previous influential architectural principles in the early age and generate towards a new type of integrated theory for current Hong Kong architecture.
Theoretical preliminary
Space is created and enveloped by numbers of surfaces, which usually houses particular function. It is the core / spirit of architecture, which allows people to receive immediate primary sensation that architecture expresses. The sensation could be an expression of the architect or a memorial of special moment or events in different time period.
According to Bryan Lawson, in his book “Language of Space”,
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It is a separation or a division between objects, buildings or places. In architectural term, it could be a hole, a gap, a void, a space, a place or even a city where it is being disconnected or isolated.
According to Henri Lefebvre in his book “The Production of Space”, he stated, “(social) space is a (social) product”, which pointed out that spaces could be affected by different social aspects such as political issues.
To me, the “in- between” is something that is being “forgotten” or “left- over”,” yet always contains potential for alternative interpretations. As an architect, I would like to explore more about the “forgotten” or “left- over” space and investigate the best architectural solution to make good use of it efficiently. Therefore, in the following paragraphs, by taking Hong Kong as an example, I will start to compare and find similarities of spaces with regards to the unique context of Hong
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Having the fact that there is a rapid growth in financial business, population, immigration and tourism due to the approach of international investors and visitors. Furthermore, the substantial expansion on human wealth and economic boom in China is one of the major factors that show a direct relationship with the property price in Hong Kong nowadays. Also, the active involvement of Mainland investors in recent years makes the Hong Kong economy very competitive in comparison to the rest of the world, causing a significant rise in property price and thus a majority of small housing appears, causing a new architectural trend in Hong Kong.
On the other hand, land reclamation is one of the crucial architectural solutions in accordance with land scarcity since mid- 19th century. However, environmental protection is always the main concern raised by local citizens and campaigns. Therefore, instead of reclaiming more and more artificial land, an alternative interpretation is highly encouraged to take place.
Infill architecture/ Micro
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