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Taiwan, an island located on the Pacific Ocean southeast of China, is often times incorrectly associated as a part of the Republic of China Many people don’t have any knowledge about Taiwan or believe that Taiwan belongs to China. This is not true. Taiwan has had a democratic government that is independent of China. This misconception is very disrespectful to individuals and the whole nation. The issue of the relationship between Taiwan and China often times leads to heated discussions and violent fights between people from two places. The younger generation embraces national pride and advocates for ourself. Taiwan should be acknowledged as an independent country because we have our own educational system, language, and government. Bringing Taiwan back to China is just a desire from China’s point of view. In this paper, I will examine the history between Taiwan and China, because this is one of the major reasons that China claims Taiwan as a part of it. Although Taiwan had been controlled by China in the past, it is proven…show more content…
However, Taiwanese include a vast majority of people called “shanpao,” people from the mountains (Lin, par.7). Between 1895 and 1945, Taiwan’s population grew from 2.5 million to 6 million. Japan took control of Taiwan from 1895 till 1945. Japanese colonization means that there would be little or no population movement between mainland China to Taiwan. China had no influence on the increasing population in Taiwan. According to Dr. Lin Mali, professor of hematology, analyzed human blood and “discovered that the genetic makeup of Taiwanese is completely different from that of Han Chinese”(Lin par.19). This evidence further proves that the vast majority of Taiwanese did not originate from China. There is no reason for China to demand Taiwan to unite with the Republic of

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