Relationship Between Telemachus And Odysseus

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The Relationship between Telemachus and Odysseus his father is very different. First off, Telemachus has really never met his father but there is still some relation there. Telemachus longs to meet his father and have a relationship. It is very clear that Telemachus struggles to come to the fact that his father has been away for so long and questions at the beginning of the books if he will every come home. Once Telemachus is told by Athena in disguise that his father is still alive ( lines 220-228 in Fagles) he longs on a journey to try and find his dad to see if he is alive. From the other side Odysseus is very caring towards his own son. Some evidence of this is when Ms. Shank came to talk to the class and said that Odysseus wouldn’t run
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