Relationship Between Utterson In Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

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Although Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde tells the story of its eponymous scientist and his dual personality, the story’s protagonist is Jekyll’s lawyer and friend, Mr. Utterson. The reader sees the story through his eyes, and follows him as he uncovers the truth about the connection between Jekyll and Hyde. His personality is what makes him the most effective and most reliable narrator. Utterson is the most effective because other characters trust him, and the most reliable because of his strong morals and unbiased nature. Utterson’s perspective is more effective than those of other characters because of his ability to make people trust him. He has a good relationship with all of the other main characters. He was school friends with Dr. Lanyon, who holds “a sincere and warm affection” for him, and Dr. Jekyll, who tells Utterson that he has complete trust in him (Stevenson 12). Because of his trustworthy nature, people are more inclined to share information with him, allowing the reader to glimpse more of the story than if a character like Edward Hyde had been the protagonist. Unlike Hyde, who evokes a feeling of hatred in everyone he meets, “where Utterson was liked, he was liked well”…show more content…
He always has everyone’s best interests at heart, and is “in any extremity inclined to help” (Stevenson 1). He is motivated to discover the truth about the connection between Jekyll and Hyde because of his strong code of morals. His integrity also makes him the standard from which to compare the actions of other characters. In contrast to Hyde, who is often associated with Satan by other characters, Utterson is described as being “eminently human” (Stevenson 1). Dr. Jekyll’s experiments investigate the dual nature of man and blur moral lines. Utterson’s integrity and strong sense of propriety serve as a way for the reader to judge what is right and what is wrong throughout the
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