Relationship Between Victor And Walton In Frankenstein

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In the novel, Frankenstein by Mary W. Shelly, Victor Frankenstein creates a creature. The creature and Victor Frankenstein have conflicts between each other, which is why Robert Walton is necessary to help the reader relate to Frankenstein, by having many of the same attributes are Victor Frankenstein does. Robert Walton has many similar traits to Victor Frankenstein, ultimately helping the reader greater relate to Dr. Frankenstein. Even though Frankenstein is viewed as a monster himself and Walton is considered a normal person. Each man has an attachment with his sister and a desire to conquer the unknown. Once Walton realizes that Victor’s ambitions had ruined his life, he decides to choose safety over discovery and turn his ship around.…show more content…
Victor has feelings toward the monster that Walton doesn’t have because Walton doesn’t have the past experiences with the creature like Victor does. Walton understands and agrees with Frankenstein about how ugly the creature once Frankenstein shows Walton what the creature looks like. Walton understands and agrees with Frankenstein that the monster is hideous. Walton is able to tell the story of Frankenstein and the monster while being removed from the drama of it all. Walton ultimately adds great amounts of suspense in the mysterious character known as Victor Frankenstein, and the outcome of the novel right away in the book. The story of Victor and the creature is told to Robert Walton, and the entire book was based out of his eyes and what was told to him by Frankenstein. The reader may be missing a key part of the relationship between Victor and the creature but the readers will never know because the book can only have in it what Robert Walton was told by Victor. Robert Walton only has a minimal part in the text of the play, but his role in helping the reader relate to Victor is bigger than every other character in the
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