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I am looking for that relationship of love which was established by Crucified LORD Jesus at the end of His earthly life, as He addressed His Mother and the disciple that He loved. St. John, the evangelist, had the honour of penning these final words of the LORD Jesus, which gave the Blessed Virgin Mary her new mission as Mother of all mankind. These last words spoken by the dying Messiah to His mother as she stood at the foot of the cross are words of dedication which call us all to a love relationship with her. This is the very love relationship that I am determined to have.
“Behold your mother!”
By these words, I recognize that the Blessed Mother has an active role to play in my faith and spiritual life. I also realize that this is how the LORD Jesus wished to bring His Sacrifice to completion. He entrusted His mother to His beloved disciple, and in the beloved disciple to all mankind. She thus became our Mother in the work of salvation. This dedication further illustrates the great love with which the LORD Jesus offered His life for all
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I pray to have the Blessed Mother praying for me and praying with me so that the Holy Spirit may likewise descend upon me as happened at Pentecost while the apostles were in the upper room praying with her. I pray that she will help me to discern what is contained in each one of the mysteries, so that I learn from her how to live in them and to grow spiritually with them. I pray that she will teach me how to apply the circumstances depicted in the mysteries of the life of the LORD Jesus into my own daily living, in an attempt to learn to imitate her in what each one contains. I pray that this meditating and contemplating will bear fruit in my life, and that I will obtain the promises which the LORD God has made in His Word. I pray that you too will be drawn to join in this praying the Holy Rosary under the watchful eye of
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