Linguistic Profiling Analysis

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“The person we’re looking for is a white male with limited social interaction. He works a menial job and religion is a defining force in the crimes he commits.” That's what we all expect to hear on our favorite crime shows. Today, linguistic profiling is observed frequently with true crime shows becoming increasingly popular. Some information is accurate, but most is dramatized to peak viewer interest. Because of this, most people have a CSI effect or the possession of expectations that are unrealistic due to what was viewed on television. While, in reality, linguistic profiling is simply the analysis of the way a person speaks or writes. Analysis of speech and writing can identify personal traits and social or cultural subgroups as well as…show more content…
Linguistic profiling of a piece of writing (as observed in the Unabomber case) and Authorship profiling (as observed in the Kurt Cobain case). Authorship profiling works by observing syntax, words, and vocabulary and analyzing what traits or points are being communicated indirectly to create a linguistic profile. Professors Sudjana and Fitiri describe this as the linguistic fingerprint. This type of profiling is generally broader and utilizes classic linguistic profiling through detection of patterns, grammar, vocab, etc… The difference being that Authorship profiling and linguistic profiling id that authorship profiling is generally expected to yield more psychological information, linguistic profiling will aid in identifying race, location, gender,…show more content…
I feel guilty beyond words about these things”. The utilization of the word haven't was analyzed to mean that the excitement had happened in the past but yet had ceased, and it had ceased a while ago as demonstrated by the “for too many years now”. When looking deeper it was analyzed that Cobain was saying that he ha, for a long time, possessed no desire to live (as listening, creating, reading and writing was the life of a musician). “ I feel guilty beyond words about these things” was revealed to be the apology portion of his letter. To let people know that he was sorry he didn’t feel the desire to continue living and he felt remorse for years until it built up to the point where it was

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