Relationship Related Literature

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Review of Related Literature

This chapter contains a review of the literature related to this study on the impact of the student-teacher rapport of academic performance on second year students in Pamantasan ng Cabuyao. It will deal with the literature how important relationships are and will be followed with the findings which deal specifically on student-teacher relationships. Relationship is the connection between two people, who mutually understands each other emotionally, mentally and have been proven to have great effects on the quality of life. Hamre and Pianta (2005) defined relationship as an incorporate feature of individuals. They include biological facts such as gender; biological processes such as temperament, genetics, and responsiveness to stressors; developed features such as personality, self-esteem, or social skills; as well as the perceptions each individual holds of their relational partner and the relationship itself. Landsford, Antonucci, Akiyama, and Takahashi (2005) found that well-being is directly tied to personal relationships. Vanzetti and Duck (1996) also shares the same benefit of relationship, which include physical support, a sense of belonging, having a “sounding board” for emotional reactions and opinions, being able to say what you really think, providing a reassurance of worth, opportunities to help others, and validation and support for the way we do things and interpret experience (p. 15-18).
On the other hand, Lansford et al. (2005)
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